Exercise – it doesn’t have to be a chore.

We all know exercise is good for us, right. We have been told myriads of times how much benefit it is to us.

It is good for our physical health, keeps us feeling younger as we all get older and we have become much too sedentary in our lifestyles. It is good for our emotional and mental health. Much as you hate to agree with someone who suggests this to you – you do always feel better after you’ve managed to get outside for a walk with the dog or attended a yoga class.

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Getting out of the damn house – with depression and social anxiety.

The worst part of dealing with depression and social anxiety, particularly when no-one knows you have it – trying to just get out of the damn house.

You don’t wake up delighted to greet the day and see what it has in store for you. You tend to lie there, eyes closed, putting off the inevitable for as long as possible.

The depression calls to you – ‘stay here, where it is safe, snuggle under this duvet, leave the blinds down and stay in the darkness with me’. It hugs you and holds you.

The thought of leaving the house brings on a feeling of absolute terror. You logically know that there is nothing really to fear out there, you don’t live in a war zone or troubled area.  But your body does not.

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Starting off

A little introduction to say hi …

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve called it Melancholia which means ‘a feeling of deep sadness’. Why? Because I feel that what I experience is melancholia – this ache that permeates every thing and has done for all of my life.

Yes, I have depression and social anxiety. I have dark thoughts that intrude in my life daily and it has been a struggle to keep from giving in to them.  I realise how lucky I am, I am high functioning so no one knows.  I have a job, a home and a family that loves me and yet, and yet … there it is, always hovering just out of reach, this one thing that stops me from being able to feel anything but sadness.

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