“We’re all just walking each other home”, Ram Dass

All of us are on a journey through this life. For some the path is smooth and for some it is very rocky and uneven.  Often we hit cul-de-sacs and stay there for a while.  Sometimes it appears that we have retraced our steps again and again, or are going around in circles.

We are all just walking together, on parallel paths, and those paths can converge and we bump into each other. Sometimes they converge for just a moment, perhaps when we give a brief smile or hello to a stranger. We can have no idea that this might have been such an important event, that they, or we, needed that contact to help each other at just that time.

At other times our paths can converge for a lifetime and through the ups and downs of that lifetime we may wander away from our loved ones for a while but we’ll find each other again if it is meant to be.

As part of this human experience society often encourages us to be very competitive and we can become very judgemental, both to ourselves and to others. We check where we are in relation to them and judge whether or not we are at the same place or doing better or worse.

We can become critical and harsh because we or they aren’t doing what we think we or they are ‘supposed’ to be doing.

It is not up to us to judge the path of another. We don’t, and can’t know every part of the journey they have taken to get to where they are now. We shouldn’t even judge our own path – I should be this and I should be that.

Though we can always aim to do better, for our own sake, we are always just where we are supposed to be.

forest path


There is a beautiful passage in the book ‘Island’ which starts “It’s dark because you’re trying too hard,” said Susila. “Dark because you want it to be light. Remember what you used to tell me when I was a little girl. ‘Lightly, child, lightly. You’ve got to do everything lightly. Think lightly, act lightly, feel lightly. Yes, feel lightly, even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.’ …”(pp. 257-258, Island, Huxley, A., Vintage, 2005), which inspired me to write the following:

Step Lightly

Step lightly, sweet child,

Step lightly.

Like a stone in a river, let the rush of life

Flow around and about you.

Step lightly, sweet child,

Step lightly.

Like the majestic eagle,

Soar high above life’s storms.

Step lightly, sweet child,

Step lightly.

Be blessed with love,

And life, and laughter.

Step lightly, sweet child,

Step lightly.

And on the path home,

May your journey be easy.

Step lightly.

Let us try to remember to be gentle with ourselves today and everyday, let us try to step lightly. And let us try to remember that we are all just walking home – together.



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