Sculpture and Stone

So I just thought I’d share a little about sculpture and stone and why I like it.

I love stone. It fascinates me. I love to pick them up and feel them turn from cold to hot in my hand. I am in awe of these little stones.  Stones that were once enormous boulders wore down by wind and rain and sea.  Tumbled and tossed around by nature until it is as small as a tiny grain of sand.

Each stone contains millions of years of history in it, the tiniest pebble holds so many memories. I love finding stones like this one, it caught my eye because it was so unusual, two separate stones melded together.

stone 1

Then I turned it over and saw it was this beautiful heart shape.

stone 2

I think this is why I also love sculpture. I love to run my hands over sculptures, feel the smoothness of the stone, feel the definition of the face and features, the outlines of muscles and bodies.  Of course this is often hard to do unless they are in public spaces – museums post signs everywhere saying ‘please don’t touch’!

Personally I think sculpture is made to be felt and caressed and not just looked at – it needs to be hands on.

When you look at a piece of sculpture, particularly the large ones, it always amazes me how the sculptor managed to carve it. They are given a large block of plain stone and from that bring to life something amazing.  Michaelangelo, one of the greatest sculptors of all time, was once asked how he knew what to do or where to start and said that he saw an angel inside and all he was doing was releasing it.

There are many great sculptors but I think my favourites have to be Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin.

I had never heard of either of them until I watched a late night movie called ‘Camille Claudel’ – a love story between these two great artists, that of course goes horribly wrong.

I love Claudel’s work as it has such beautiful movement in it. Rodin is the most famous of the two and you might know some of his work, ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Kiss’ being probably the most famous.

On a trip to Paris a few years ago when I was travelling alone, and therefore didn’t have to cater to anyone else’s whims, I took myself off for a visit to the Rodin Museum. I spent a few hours there walking around, admiring all the pieces and surreptisously feeling the statues.

If, like me, you like beautiful sculptures and are planning a trip to Paris sometime then I highly recommend that you include this museum on your itinerary of things to do and see.  This is the link for details of opening hours and history and to see some of the beautiful images.  It is close to a metro station and easy to get to.

Hope someday you get to enjoy it as much as I did.


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